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Patisse turns up the heat in the kitchen for Valentines Day!

In usual Valentines Day tradition at Patisse, Vincent Gadan has again created two seductive desserts that
will appeal to the romantics in all of us.  Inspired by Bon Jovi’s 1992 hit ‘Bed of Roses’, Vincent has constructed a dessert in the shape of a romantic lovers bed.  The dessert bed, which is meant to be shared, features a Raspberry and Rose Mousse laid upon an almond milk dacquoise (a meringue with a sponge style texture) and is encased in an ornate bedhead made of delicate Valrhona chocolate and elegantly adorned with bold red rose petals.

Vincent who loves his Harley, and names French Singer Johnny Hallyday as his idol loves everything ‘rock’n’roll’.  “’Bed of Roses’, is a Bon Jovi classic – I thought why not mix my passion for music with my passion for dessert to create this unique expression of romance and love.  I am thrilled with the result!” says Vincent

If you are seriously looking to give your heart to someone this year why not try Vincent’s   second creation “Mon Petit Choux”- My Little Cauliflower.  A heart shaped dessert for two made of a croissant biscuit base filled with violet Chantilly Cream and decorated with ravishing  cream patissiere filled redchoux pastry.

Each dessert is available on pre-order at or you can call Patisse 02 9690 0665 to order.  Patisse is located in the PYD Building, 197 Young Street,Waterloo.

Another Charming French Chef on the Rise – Vincent Gadan, Vive la France!

It’s a very exciting week for Patisse as Executive Chef Vincent Gadan appears on the small screen three nights this week! Vincent, who appeared last night in the MasterChef Immunity Challenge, will also appear on SBS Food Safari on Thursday night and will finish off the week with a special Dessert Masterclass on Masterchef.
Last night in the MasterChef Immunity Challenge, Vincent beat audience hot favourite Hayden Quinn in a nail biting finish. Vincent who is a classically trained Pastry Chef was placed totally out of his comfort zone when asked to create the perfect Pork Roast.
“My life’s work has been Pastry and to be asked to participate in an Immunity Challenge cooking a meal was the biggest professional challenge I have faced to date. I loved the adrenalin rush and the MasterChef experience, however my passion will always be Pastry!” says Vincent.

On Friday night, Vincent gets the opportunity to show the MasterChef audience where his real talents lie by hosting a Pastry Masterclass in the Patisse kitchen. The class will feature a ‘How To’ on making the best pastry and three delicious signature tarts.
On Thursday 23rd June, Vincent will be featured on the premiere SBS episode of its nine-part French Food Safari series. Maeve O’Meara visits the Patisse kitchen with Vincent demonstrating a true French classic, the Raspberry Soufflé.
To continue sharing the Art of Pastry, Michelle Guberina, Patisse’s owner, is hosting monthly Themed High Tea and now offers the opportunity for the public to have Two Hour Private pastry & dessert Cooking Classes with Vincent.
For Further information on Patisse, Michelle Guberina and Vincent
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