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New Season at Kinkawooka Mussel Farm

The 2012 mussel season commences today with the first harvest being lead by mussel whisperer Andy Puglisi and a team of leading chefs and food media.
Kinkawooka mussels are characterised by their small size but intense, sweet flavour and soft, buttery texture.
Following the success of the 2011 Delicious Magazine “product of the year” award, the team at Kinkawooka Shellfish in South Australia have again produced a small, seasonal crop of the unique French Style petit bouchot mussels.

The petit bouchot mussel has a unique soft and tender texture and although only available from May to September is highly sought after by chefs such as Neil Perry who states ” this is the best eating mussel in Australia and one of the best I’ve eaten in the world”.

Kinkawooka Shellfish have adopted growing and handling methods used in the traditional farming of mussels in the La Rochelle region of South Western France. These methods focus on keeping the mussels high in the water to maximize their intake of nutrients, which whilst limiting their shell growth, this produces a meat that is unparalleled in flavour and texture.


Like all of the Kinkawooka Mussel crop, the petit bouchot  are Seeded using spat harvested from the wild, the mussels are grown on long ropes suspended in the water from 2-10 metres. Although much shallower than mussels farmed in oceanic conditions, the Kinkawooka team adopted this method in pursuit of producing a small, soft and sweet mussel.

The Kinkawooka mussel farms are located in 5 separate locations throughout Boston Bay, on the West Coast of South Australia. The spread of sites allow the farmers to exploit the various microclimates of the growing sites to condition the mussels to a consistent size, flavour and texture profile.

The Kinkawooka Marine team have been trained to the same sensory level as the processing and marketing teams – prior to every harvest, mussels from each site are tasted and assessed for their eating quality.

At Kinkawooka , under the stewardship of owner Andy Puglisi, the entire team are focussed on producing the best eating mussel in Australia, to them it’s all about being Small, Soft and Sweet.

This years new season celebration is made even more exciting as Kinkawooka has successfully passed Friend of the Sea sustainability audit and its products will soon reach the shelves displaying the coveted international ecolabel.

Director General of Friend of the Sea, Paolo Bray said “Kinkawooka’s programme is a standout of sustainable aquacutlure. They harvest wild spat, which is plentiful in this area, utilizing low density mussel farming techniques. The open farming system has no impact on the countryside. Annual benthic video transect monitoring and reports are required for each lease, as well as an analysis of data, to ensure that there are no impacts on the ecosystem and no cumulative impacts from ropes of mussels on the benthic ecosystem.”

He has further praised the Kinkawooka team for thier post harvest committment to sustainability “At the processing facility, there is no waste from the harvesting and processing of mussels with any damaged or unsuitable mussels being segregated during the various inspection points and then transferred to a crusher, where it is sealed into burley packages.. Additionally, the company recycles plastic, cardboard and other waste into special recycle cages and bins kept on site. Only biodegradable chemicals are used. Kinkawooka Mussels only use environmentally-friendly antifoulants.” ” this is true committment to the environment”

Welcome to the 2012 Kinkawooka Mussel season – small, soft, sweet and sustainable

Primavera A Tavola

A Tavola restaurant joined with Slow Food Australia for its first ever Primavera event! Taking place on Wednesday September 21st, the dinner was executed by critically acclaimed chef Eugenio Maiale at his welcoming neighborhood restaurant, A Tavola. This eight course dinner event championed the Slow Food ‘Terra Madre’ philosophy, and was a tribute to spring produce and the simplicity of Italian cuisine. In true ‘paddock to plate’ style, each of the courses used only the freshest produce from Northern New South Wales.
See Slow Food Sydneys site for more about the Slow Food movement in Australia and local opportunites to engage with them, Slow Food Sydney
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Adam and Lovaine Humphrey, owners and chefs at the one-hat ARRAS, today announced they will be relocating uptown from Walsh Bay to the old Becasse site in Clarence Street, in July 2011.
As two of Sydney’s best modern British chefs and both passionate bakers of renown, Adam and Lovaine will also take over the adjacent Plan B site, fulfilling a long-time dream to run both a world-class restaurant and a bakery.
Current tenants Justin and Georgia North will vacate the premises in April, and the restaurant will undergo a total refurbishment, including the addition of a bar, with plans to reopen in July.
While they plan to keep the ARRAS moniker, the Humphreys plan to transform their menu and take a more modern pan-European approach than the present British-themed menu.
They will, however, continue to make everything in house including the 10 breads on offer, the best petit four selection in Australia and the chutneys that accompany Sydney’s best cheese trolley.
Before opening, the newly-wed Humphreys will take a well-earned, albeit belated culinary honeymoon, seeking inspiration from many of their favourite restaurants in Europe.
“I think making the move might have been the only way I was ever going to get Lovaine to come on a honeymoon with me,” Adam said.
“We had a great three years at Walsh Bay but we really believe the Becasse site can offer us so much more, and the bakery next door was the clincher.”
“We plan to re-tool the kitchen and change a few things around, build a great bar and we think we will have a brilliant, new ARRAS ready to go in the middle of July.”
ARRAS, Walsh Bay, will be “business as usual” until the beginning of June when it will close its doors.
In Adam and Lovaine Humphrey , Britain has given Sydney two of its great culinary talents. Both have incredibly impressive pedigrees: Lovaine at the Michelin three-star Michel Bras in Laguiole, France and Heston Blumenthal’s world top five Fat Duck in Bray. Adam was the understudy to Richard Guest at the iconic Castle Hotel in Taunton and to Paul Merrony, when he was white-hot back in the 90s. Together they make a formidable team might just be Sydney’s best kept culinary secret.

Taste of Sydney the Ultimate Restaurant Festival

When: 10-13 March 2011

Where: Brazilian Fields, Centennial Parklands Grand Drive, Centennial Park, Sydney

What: The eagerly anticipated foodie festival, Taste of Sydney – an action packed four day spectacle that will see 14 of the city’s finest restaurants, over 100 producers, cocktail bars, live music and a host of food and wine features. This week, Taste of Sydney’s world famous chefs, producers and wine experts will once again line up to deliver stunning food, delicious demonstrations, entertaining tutorials and enlightening Q&A sessions* at the hotly anticipated food festival, Taste of Sydney.

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With this and a whole lot more :

Sydney’s love affair for oysters will continue with over 5000 freshly shucked oysters from Assiette

Over 20,000 revelers will descend on the Brazilian Fields to sample over 50 mouthwatering dishes

Charlie & Co’s Wagyu Beef Burger is back by popular demand and will see Justin North cooking up over 5,000 of his infamous burgers

Lilydale will team up with Warren Turnbull of District Dining to produce 200kg of the irresistible free range spicy Lilydale chicken with coleslaw and lime aioli.

Matt Kemp and his team of chefs at Restaurant Balzac will braise 220kg of Wagyu beef and prepare 45 litres of truffle puree to serve up over 2000 of his infamous Crispy Wagyu Beef with Mushroom and Truffle Puree. *Please see attached for full features schedule For more information and to book tickets go to www.tasteofs
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