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BARILLA DESSERT RECIPE By Martino Eduardo Convertino & Luciano Ippoliti MKR 2016 NSW

Mulino Bianco Baiocchi Biscuit Tiramisù

IMG_6614 copy

Recipe Name: Tiramisù ai Baiocchi del Mulino Bianco





Mulino Bianco Baiocchi Biscuit Tiramisù

250g Mascarpone Cheese

5 Egg Yolks

5 Egg Whites

150g pure Cream

3 Tablespoons Caster Sugar

30 Mulino Bianco Baiocchi Biscuits

50g peeled toasted Hazelnuts

50g Dark Chocolate (to be grated)

50ml Kahlua or Cointreau liquor

1 cup strong Coffee
IMG_6580 copy


Mulino Bianco Baiocchi Biscuit Tiramisù

  1. Make sabayon with the 5 Egg Yolks and the Caster Sugar
  2. Whip the Egg Whites until stiff
  3. Whip the Cream
  4. Incorporate the Mascarpone Cheese to the sabayon, add the whipped Cream and finally the beaten Egg Whites
  5. Combine in a bowl the Kahlua or Cointreau Liquor and the Coffee. Coarsely crumble 24 Baiocchi Biscuits and the toasted Hazelnuts. Fill 6 beautiful transparent glass cups with the Crumbled Mix (base of ½ cm), then with 1 layer of the Mascarpone Cream, insert the whole Baiocchi Biscuit well visible on the glass and previously dunked in the Coffee/Liquor liquid. Add another thin layer of the Crumbled Mix and finish with another layer of Mascarpone Cream
  6. Finally grate the Dark Chocolate and let stand in the refrigerator for a few minutes before serving

IMG_6620 copy


  • This dessert can be made in advance and let cool in refrigerator until ready to serve.
    IMG_6597 copy
    IMG_6585 copy

BARILLA MAIN COURSE RECIPE By Martino Eduardo Convertino & Luciano Ippoliti MKR 2016 NSW

Seafood Barilla Lasagne
IMG_6332 copy


Recipe Name: Lasagne Barilla alla Marinara – Seafood Barilla Lasagne



IMG_6515 copy


Seafood Barilla Lasagne

500g Barilla Lasagna all’Uovo Bolognesi

600g Barilla Basilico Sauce

500g clean Prawns

200g Crabmeat

500g boned Cod Fillet

4-5 Whole Scampi

200g mixed Mussels

100ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4 Crushed Garlic Cloves

1 Chopped Sprig of Parsley

250ml Dry White Wine

300ml Liquid Cream

500ml Full Cream Milk

120g Unsalted Butter

120g White Flour

Salt & Black Ground Pepper

IMG_6518 copy


Seafood Barilla Lasagne

  1. Clean the Mussels and let them open on the fire, then strain the cooking water and shell them, leaving some in the shells for the decoration
  2. Heat the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a large pan, add 2 Garlic Cloves and ¾ of the Chopped Parsley. Fry, then add the Prawns and sauté partially cook them, add the White Wine and let it evaporate. Season with Salt & Black Pepper and put them aside
  1. In a saucepan pour some Extra Virgin Olive Oil, add the remaining 2 Garlic Cloves, the remaining Chopped Parsley, fry them a bit and then add the Basilico Sauce. Season with Salt & Pepper and add the sliced Cod Fillets. Partially cook over a medium heat for about 2 min. add the Crabmeat, add the Liquid Cream. Stir until the sauce becomes a pinkish Salsa Rosa
  2. Make the Béchamel Sauce in another saucepan with the Butter, the Flour and the Full Cream Milk. Season with Salt & Pepper
  3. Blench the Lasagna all’uovo Bolognesi Sheets very al dente in salted water and put them to dry on tea towels
  4. Butter a baking dish and place a layer of Lasagna, a little Béchamel sauce and some fish Salsa Rosa sauce. Continue for 3-4 layers but end with the Salsa Rosa sauce
  5. Cook in hot oven at 180C for about 15 min.
  6. Let rest for few min. before serving
  7. Meanwhile, cut the Scampi in halves, sprinkle them with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, grated Garlic, Parsley, Salt & Pepper and cook them on the hot grill
  8. Portion the Lasagna and serve it hot
    IMG_6561 copy
    IMG_6505 copy
    IMG_6528 copy



  • Garnish the Seafood Barilla Lasagna with some salsa Rosa sauce, the Scampi, the Mussels and sprinkle with Chopped Parsley.
    IMG_6545 copy

First Taste of William Downie 2015 at Exclusive Pei Modern Wine Dinner

logo_200x200Pei Modern‘s next Paddock to Plate dinner (Thursday 25 February) presents the rare opportunity for winelovers to preview the exclusive William Downie 2015 vintage, months before its official release.

Hosting the dinner alongside Executive Chef Mark Best, winemaker William (Bill) Downie will treat guests to his limited series of pinot noirs in his first ever William Downie winemaker’s dinner outside of Victoria.


The exclusive wines are produced with a natural, non-interventionist approach and on a small scale, with just three wines in the 2015 vintage and only 500 dozen bottles of each.

Bill will share his wines, along with his passion for farming and sustainable living, matched to a six-course menu by Mark Best.

“A red wine lover’s dream come true, this Paddock to Plate dinner offers the extraordinary chance to be the first to taste Bill’s unique William Downie 2015 vintage,” Mark said.

“It’s also a wonderful opportunity to hear Bill’s fascinating methods, experiences and stories firsthand. He is an incredibly purist and down-to-earth winemaker who I respect very much.”

Mark and Bill will be joined by Pei Modern Head Chef, Joachim Borenius (formerly Marque, The Fat Duck and Per Se) to deliver an unforgettable evening.

Seats to the second dinner in Pei Modern’s Paddock to Plate series are strictly limited, priced at $150 per person. Bookings are essential via +61 2 9250 3160, or

Pei Modern is located in Sydney at 199 George Street within Four Seasons Hotel Sydney, by Circular Quay and the Rocks precinct.


Kingfish sashimi with witlof kimchi and Corella pears

2009 William Downie King Valley Petit Manseng
Panzanella buffalo mozzarella and beetroot oil

2015 William Downie Yarra Valley
Steamed Murray cod, pink onions and caper water

2015 William Downie Mornington Peninsula
Eggplant tartare, egg jam and saltbush lamb jerky

2015 William Downie Gippsland
Duck confit with charred cherries and duck fat potatoes

Chocolate tart with orange curd and sherbet
About Pei Modern
Pei Modern by renowned Australian chef Mark Best delivers bistro-style dining with a menu celebrating fresh, local seasonal produce and exploring unconventional food pairings. The restaurant combines the theater of its wood-fire oven and open kitchen with Head Chef Joachim Borenius at the helm, with knowledgeable, friendly service and a prime city location, within five-star Four Seasons Hotel Sydney.
Instagram: @peimodernsyd
Twitter: @peimodern

The Last Jar inaugural Sausage & Cider Taste Festival

Celebrating the arrival of cider season, The Last Jar in partnership with Magners Irish Cider, Mountain Goat, Harcourt and St Ronan’s Ciders are hosting their inaugural Sausage & Cider Taste Festival.

From 1-6pm, The Last Jar Pub and Rooftop Garden will be transformed into an Irish street fair showcasing ciders from each of the cider houses matched with a selection of homemade sausages by The Last Jar’s Head Chef, Tim Sweeney.

The perfect condiment to spring sunshine, Sweeney’s selection of homemade sausages (served on house-baked potato bread) will be matched with the zesty ales, and smoldering tunes from Anne of The Wolves for an afternoon of entertainment.

View sausage making demonstrations from Sausages Made Simple’s Sara Grazia, watch the action of the Caulfield Cup unfold in the private function space or simply enjoy the sausage fest with a sausage and cider in the beer garden.

Entry is free, guests of all ages welcome. Sausages and cider will be available for purchase from 1-6pm at the Last Jar’s CBD location of 616 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.

the last jar

The Last Jar:

Located at 616 Elizabeth St, Melbourne; The Last Jar is an authentic Irish Pub and restaurant in Melbourne CBD.

Owned and operated by Siobhan Dooley and head Chef Tim Sweeney, The Last Jar is everything you won’t see in a run of the mill Irish-Pub franchise full of Gaelic clichés.

Tim Sweeney’s draws inspiration and techniques from his time under Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay and Rick Stein’s to create a feast of traditional Irish fare. All the produce used in-house is fresh, locally sourced and the majority of the items on the menu – from the hand-churned butter to the dark soda bread, are handmade in-house daily.

Harcourt Perry & Cider Makers:

The team at Harcourt is made up of a group of apple and pear lovers local to the area, in regional Victoria. Hailing from The Little Red Apple, Henry of Harcourt and Bress apple farms, the trio has banded together to shout their love of cider from the rooftops (or orchards!).

Magners Irish Cider:

Magners Original Irish Cider is crafted in Ireland using the fresh juice from 17 varieties of apple. Honouring William Magner’s Original recipe perfected since 1935, Magners is patiently vat matured to create the unique, refreshing taste of the world’s top selling Irish Cider. Magners is The No.1 Irish Cider Brand globally, exported to over 40 markets.

St Ronan’s Ciders:

Located in Badger Creek, Victoria, St Ronan’s craft unique Australian Ciders from apples and pears grown in the Yarra Valley. St Ronan’s Signature cider styles include Methode Traditionelle Apple, Methode Traditionelle Pear & St Ronan’s ‘on tap’ Draught keg.

Two Step by Mountain Goat:

Two Step cider, is produced by local Melbourne brewery, Mountain Goat. A blend of Gala, Granny, Jazz, Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples are pressed and fermented to produce the snappy mid-dry apple cider.

Pei Modern Sydney

Today, Melbourne’s best new restaurant for 2012 comes “home”. Welcome to Pei Modern at Four Seasons Hotel Sydney.

The kitchen is headed up by Matt Germanchis, who has worked alongside Best at Pei Modern in Melbourne since it opened in 2012, he is joined by restaurant manager Tara Sullivan and award-winning sommelier Annette Lacey. The new menu includes;

•Wood fired tiger prawns with slow cooked pineapple and sorrel

•Bar Cod, old fashioned celery, currants and verjuice

•Kurobuta pork cutlet with fermented blueberries

•Anchovy parmesan shortbread

•Surf clams with smoked butter and fermented corn

Seating up to 190 people, Pei Modern is the perfect backdrop for all casual and corporate dining experiences.

For further information, restaurant enquiries and bookings, please visit

Pei Modern

Opening Hours


Monday-Friday: 12-2:30pm


Monday-Saturday: 5:30pm until late

Every City Should Have a Farm

The City of Sydney’s plans to develop a working farm in the heart of the city have been backed by gardening and agricultural experts and community groups.

The City Farm, located in Sydney Park will provide farmers markets with fresh, locally-produced food, an urban fruit-filled orchard and sustainable educational programs.

Television gardening expert Costa Georgiadis congratulated the City on a fantastic initiative that will transform people’s understanding of local food production.

“This is one of the best developments to happen in Sydney in decades – every city should have a City Farm,” Costa said.

“This farm will be a legacy that will help reconnect people with local and seasonal food. It will become a well-loved place to understand how to grow food, cook it, preserve it and then share it in the heart of a thriving community.  I’m on board this tractor for the long haul.”

Local landscape architect, Belinda Dods, said the City Farm would open up great opportunities for residents of all ages in the city.

City of Sydney Farm

“It’s so important for people to learn about the seasonality of food so this is a really great opportunity for hands-on learning in the heart of the city,” Ms Dods said.

President of Sydney City Farm Community Group Katy Svalbe said there is over 1,500 supporters for the City Farm on their mailing list, and around 2,000 more on social media.

“The Sydney Farm Community Group promotes the establishment of city farms for a green and sustainable future in urban Sydney,” she said.

“We support the establishment of a City Farm in Sydney Park and congratulate City of Sydney on the steps taken so far towards achieving the goal.”

Georgie Pollard is the owner of local café Concrete Coffee and said the City Farm would be a fantastic source for fresh, seasonal organic produce for businesses in the area.

“We buy local for several reasons – local producers are people you can get to know, and out of that relationship you get an understanding of the care that they put into their product,” Ms Pollard said.

“A City Farm will play a vital role in educating the community about the importance of locally grown food as well as supplying fresh fruit and vegies for local café owners like us.”

Brian Jones from the University of Sydney’s faculty of agriculture and environment said a community-oriented City Farm would be a real asset for Sydney Park and a valuable educational resource.

“The primary objective of the City Farm is to teach children and citizens about the challenges, realities and opportunities of food production,” he said.

“The City Farm will be a valuable educational resource to build community appreciation and understanding of the importance of agriculture. We look forward to working with the City Farm in the future.”

Murray Wilton from the Royal Agriculture Society of NSW said they fully support the City Farm which will play a vital role in agricultural education.

“Once children are engaged and focused on agriculture, they’re encouraged to investigate and become more aware of the industry.” Mr Wilton said.

“The Royal Agriculture Society of NSW aligns ourselves with selected organisations that will benefit agricultural education, and we believe the City Farm will do that.”

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the inner-city farm – allowing city folk the chance to step into country life – would cater for dozens of educational, community and cultural activities.

“We’ve worked closely with the community to develop this vision for a place where city people can engage with local and global ecological challenges in beautiful Sydney Park,” the Lord Mayor said.

“The City Farm has huge social, community and environmental benefits, offering our inner-city residents a taste of life on a farm, a place to forge new friendships, and the opportunity to learn more about how food is produced.

“With more people than ever living in the inner city and choosing to raise families here, the City Farm will be an important place for people to see where their food comes from – as well as the chance to grow their own – and find out more about living sustainably.”

Based at Sydney Park in St Peters, the City Farm will include:

– Gardens and an orchard producing fresh fruit and vegetables annually;

– A weekly organic farmers’ market;

– Composting and waste management programs;

– Regular sustainable lifestyle training and educational classes, and;

– Community volunteering opportunities.

The farm will initially be managed by the City of Sydney before becoming a not-for-profit community enterprise in the medium term.

Marble Bar at the Hilton Sydney- Celebrating the Revival of an Iconic Classic

Now in its 121st year, Marble Bar epitomises the opulent style of the long-forgotten Victorian era. The ornate venue features two vintage oversized mahogany bars, fourteen original Edwardian paintings, and elaborate plaster ceiling and, of course, over 100 tonnes of the world’s finest marble. Staying true to the historic space, the team at Marble Bar has personally curated a classic yet unique overall offering that is sure to please even the most discerning of patrons.

“Marble Bar truly is one of Sydney’s finest and most unique venues. We’re excited about the new direction that the bar is taking and are proud to offer an elegant space that is teamed with excellent service and an enviable food and beverage offering.” – says Hilton Sydney Hotel Manager, Felix Busch

hilton hotel

The impeccably crafted cocktail list pays homage to all of the quintessential favorites of our time. From a perfectly balanced Martini to a refreshing Mint Julep, the recently developed list has everything you would come to expect from this world class venue.

Following suit, the menu has also raised the proverbial bar offering a stylish selection of savory treats. From delicious house marinated olives to mouthwatering mozzarella and parmesan arancini with preserved lemon mayonnaise, the dishes are ideal for sharing.

In keeping with the already solid reputation that Marble Bar has earned as one of Sydney’s premier live music venues, October will see a rotating roster of some of the country’s most talented and sought after bands taking to the stage. For a full line up, head to

Southbank Farmers Market Launch

Miranda Sharp, Director of Melbourne Farmers’ Markets said “We are delighted to be launching our first farmers’ market in the City of Melbourne. Southbank Farmers’ Market is a direct response to the City of Melbourne’s 2012 Food Policy Framework. The market addresses food security, sustainability, healthy eating and access to fresh food for the 15,000 Southbank residents, not to mention a fantastic way to feed your family.

A vast array of produce will be available at the market from eggs, butter, cheese, meat and nuts to fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables, honey, wine, cider, spices, dips, bread and olive oil. The Southbank chapter of Rotary Club will host a breakfast barbeque, using fresh produce from the market.Southbank Farmers Market

Chair of Future Melbourne People City portfolio, Cr Richard Foster, said the City is pleased to be hosting the Southbank Farmers’ Market at Boyd Community Hub, providing access to farm fresh, local produce to those living and working in and around the Southbank area.

“The City of Melbourne is committed to its vision of a healthy and inclusive city,” Cr Foster said. “We are doing this by increasing the range of nutritious and sustainable food to improve people’s health and wellbeing. The Southbank Farmers’ Market will also further enhance the vibrant cultural hub at Boyd with people able to experience the building including the Southbank Library while enjoying the market.”

264285Southbank Farmers’ Market:
8am – 1pm, 1st Saturday of each month
First market: Saturday 2nd August
Boyd Community Hub, 207 City Road, Southbank 3006

Cooking demonstrations by Nic Poelaert of Brooks Restaurant will take place at 9am and 11am. Shoppers will also have the opportunity to win dinner for two at Brooks.


global kids fashion week AlexandAlexa, the global online style destination for kids is delighted to announce the first ever Global Kids’ Fashion Week (GKFW) launching in London this spring. The event will run for two days from 19th – 20th March 2013 and will take place at the Freemason’s Hall, Holborn, London.

The schedule includes two main shows – an exclusive media event showcasing the latest AW13 trends from leading labels worldwide on Tuesday 19th March; and a public show with SS13 season looks from the AlexandAlexa brand portfolio on Wednesday 20th March. Proceeds from all ticket sales for the public fashion show will be donated to Kids Company, the charity partner for GKFW.

GKFW will cast a spotlight on premium kids’ fashion, from both established designers and emerging names. Designers showing include:

• Luxury brands: Paul Smith Junior, Junior Gaultier, Chloe, Little Marc Jacobs, I Pinco Pallino, Suzanne Ermann, Anne Kurris, Supertrash
• Premium casual brands: Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, Scotch Shrunk, Scotch R’Belle, Wildfox
• Emerging/independent brands: Rachel Riley, Finger in the Nose, Munster Kids

Suzanne Ermann SS13

The event will feature runway shows and performances as well as a mix of playful activities for children and parents in collaboration with event partner the V&A Museum of Childhood.

After the show, refreshments will be served along with entertainment from supporting brands such as child-friendly nail varnish company Little Bu, a bloggers lounge and sponsored photobooth.

Ambassadors involved in the project include:
• Sarah Curran, founder of
• Tanya Kazeminy Mackay, founding partner of Mama Mio
• Portia Freeman, model
• Pippa Vosper, founder of blog
• Olcay Gulsen, Dutch fashion designer and founder of SuperTrash Girls

Junior Gaultier SS13

GKFW aims to educate and inspire people about Kids’ fashion – celebrating how this specialist category has thrived and evolved over the past five years. The event is sponsored by, the global style destination for kids, who have played a major role in the growth of this market. Alex Theophanous, founder and CEO of says: ‘Kids’ fashion is playful, fun and innovative – we all believe it deserves its own dedicated platform. This is why we are so proud to be supporting the very first Global Kids’ Fashion Week. With this event, we aim to put children’s fashion on the map worldwide’.

Argentine Polo Open


Royal Salute has expanded their World Polo Programme to become a sponsor of The 2012 Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo (Argentine Polo Open Championship), marking their commitment to the ‘Sport of Kings’ in polo today, and for the future. The Argentine Open is the world’s leading high-handicap tournament, which takes place in the picturesque borough of Palermo (Catedral del Polo) in Buenos Aires, between 17th November – 8th December.  Royal Salute will offer the discerning gentlemen a true luxurious experience paying homage to the patrons and players, the true kings of polo today.

This historic 40-goal event brings to life the ‘Kings’ of polo today by attracting the best players and patrons from around the globe, riding the very best horses and all wanting to win the prestigious title of ‘best polo team in the world’. Demonstrating unbelievable skill and sportsmanship from world class players, who will battle it out, in what is anticipated to be the most exciting final of the polo season.

Established as the oldest championship in the world and still remaining to draw an international crowd of over 20,000 people, Royal Salute is proud to be part of the 119th Argentine Polo Open Championship 2012.

Neil Macdonald, Global Brand Director for Royal Salute, commented: “As the world’s leading prestige Scotch whisky, we believe Royal Salute is the perfect partner for “the sport of kings” and through our new sponsorship of the Argentine Open we will bring this to life. The Royal Salute team is extremely excited to be a part of such a historic event in polo and look forward to becoming a permanent figure in the world of polo for the future.”

Royal Salute’s commitment to international polo is ever growing, with sponsorships of some of the world’s most prestigious polo events across America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East. Royal Salute World Polo programme continues, with the 119 Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo December.

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