Noma Australia | Guest contributor Raymond Capaldi

Last night we ate at Noma. The night exceeded all expectations with Rene serving us every course, plus the waiting staff who were relaxed without the stiffness and snobbery that goes with some Michelin restaurants.

The food was simple but technical and well thought out brilliance. Again before we came,  the reviews were mixed. Rene has taken Noma to Japan and Sydney and he could have used the same dishes as Noma Copenhagen, instead he has written two different menus, which have some similarities. That alone is a huge task for a leader in the industry. What he has achieved here is beyond brilliant,  just in that alone.


Noma Australia

Picture: Raymond Capaldi

People have asked for my opinion, here it’s is;

Coming to a different country brings so many challenges and takes time for the highly skilled chefs to adapt. The thing that nailed it for me was the background of the dishes such as taking the starch out of the peanut and making a magnum style ice cream with no dairy and eggs. Presented simply but perfectly. What went into each dish with the new cooking techniques the research and the new methods is what I judged it on.

Seems some people have gone there with a mindset to find something and set the tone for the experience before they sit down. Everyone needs to understand the preparation and the execution. Outstanding.

When you are a leader everyone stands behind you and you take the bullets while the followers hide behind you.

I laugh at the press saying no Australian chefs are using certain products, when we have been for years but it was up until now, not easy to find.

I have been very lucky to have eaten at Noma in Copenhagen and ate the whole Noma experience nearly 25 dishes, again a fantastic education on new ideas and tastes. Michelin states the reason Noma doesn’t hold 3 stars is because some of Noma dishes are all over the place.. That is just a laughable statement.

Rene doesn’t live on his old dishes but strives for new techniques and methods which should be respected for the understanding and the research behind the dish. In most Michelin star restaurants the menus are the same for years and never change.

Rene is a great friend, humble, honest and having known him before the fame, he still remains grounded. This review is not based on my friendship but the understanding of the whole story.
Saying that, I congratulate him on this extraordinary experience .