Daybreak on Kangaroo Island; the sun climbs watery above the horizon, its warm rays span golden across the arctic blue of the vast Southern Ocean and glint on the bed-ends in the suites at Southern Ocean Lodge, warming toes.

Cool season sea mists rise to meet the morning, hinting at possibilities in the day ahead; the promise of fine, locally-sourced food and wine, of exploring the island’s remote coasts and of a first-hand Australian wildlife encounter, Galapagos-style.

As the beach-going summertime crowds return to busy lives on the mainland, a diverse and abundant natural wildlife emerges and is on the move by day, alert and refreshed by the cooler season.

Visitors are afforded otherwise rare glimpses of kangaroo and koala joeys as they emerge from their mothers’ pouches, or the thrill of an echidna spotted warming in the gentle sun.


It’s a season to take a step out of the ordinary, to embark on new adventures and share encounters in unchartered territory, and then to quietly contemplate, a moment to acknowledge the natural grace of wilderness at its most pure.

It’s also the perfect season for eating well on Kangaroo Island as local farmers produce a bounty of fine local produce; free farmed lamb, beef, chicken and eggs, sheep milk yoghurts and cheeses and pure Ligurian honey. It’s a fine time to enjoy great South Australian wines from this world-class wine region, and ideal occasion to contemplate a smooth SA red by warmth of an open fire with the wintry blue ocean churning outside.

Southern Ocean Lodge is the ‘luxe base camp’ from which experience it all and to retreat at leisure.


A haven of relaxed luxury and welcoming sophistication, floor to ceiling windows in the Great Room open to the grand sweep of untouched horizons of sea and land. Contemporary suites styled with local limestone and custom furnishings invite time spent relaxing with a book or the company of a loved one, with the spectacular Southern Ocean beyond.